A few days left of Ramadan

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters

There’s only 2 or 3 more days left of Ramadan now, in shaa Allah. It has gone so fast.

We need to remember our brothers and sisters who are being oppressed worldwide, but especially in Syria, Palestine and China, the Uyghurs and Rohingyas, and elsewhere.

We need to try and not miss out on the rewards Allah offers us during this blessed month. Here are some things we could be doing during these last few days of Ramadan:

• Read The Qu’ran, the seerah of our Prophet Muhammad (S.a.W), the hadith
• Say many supplications
• Whatever we do; take a break to use for praising and glorifying Allah, and repenting and asking for His forgiveness (Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar, Astaghfirullah Wa Atubu Ilaih)
• Giving to charity (esp to help our needy brothers and sisters)
• Learn Arabic
• Learn Allah’s names and their meanings
• Apply Allah’s names to our everyday life in everything we say and do, and to apply them to supplications
• Communicate with Allah more; just as we would with a person as if we can see Him and even when we haven’t got any problems. Tell Him everything good and bad
• Rely on Allah entirely with everything
• Remember our Sadaqatul Fitr too, paid either before Eid prayer or about 2 days prior to Eid to a trustworthy charity that takes longer to get it to the people it will benefit to ensure it reaches them before the Eid prayer

Here are some supplications we could say, esp relating to our oppressed brothers and sisters, and forgiveness and repentance:

Ya Ar Rahman Ar Raheem As Salaam Al Ghafoor Al Ghaffar, You are the Most Merciful One, The Source of Peace and You love forgiveness and are the Most Forgiving and Oft-Forgiving, so forgive our brothers and sisters of their misdeeds and shower upon them of Your Mercy and Peace, and protect them from their enemies and oppressors, for You are the Best of Protectors. Ameen.

Ya Allah, also forgive all of Your servants of their misdeeds and shower upon us of Your Mercy and Peace, whilst protecting us from our enemies and oppressors, for You love Forgiveness and are full of Mercy, and of the best Protectors. Ameen.

Ya Allah, You are the Greatest One, we are weak and You are strong. So give our brothers and sisters who are being oppressed everywhere in the world the strength to overcome their oppressors, and break the backbones of their oppressors and humiliate them on the Day humanity have to stand before You as You created us the first time (bare). Never allow our oppressors to gain victory over us. Ameen.

As Salaam, You are the Source of Peace, thereby pour Your peace upon the believers and pour Your wrath upon their oppressors. You are the Best of Protectors, so I beg You, Ya Allah, to protect Al-Aqsa and all other mosques and all those who benefit from it to gain Your pleasures, and those who built it for Your service, and to overthrow its destroyers and oppressors, who wish to cause harm to the believers and who with their own hands attempt to destroy the very foundations of Your Praise, Al Hamid (the All Praiseworthy). Ameen.

Please feel welcome to comment with more ideas. Jazakallah khayrun