A poem during Ramadan

Ramadan came
But its coming meant
It shall go,
I was reminded of
When i sat beside my life,
I wondered what it looked like
But dared not take glimpse,
I let my peripheral vision
Be the judge,
We sat there for a long while
I was glad
The silence was never broken,
And then all at once
It disappeared,
Truth be told…
I never knew myself
To the core,
How am I to know
Life itself,
It was told to us
To have intentions, pure,
I don’t even know what mine are,
Thence, you would often find me,
Saying it aloud,
Ya Batin,
This was for your sake,
Ya Shakoor
I know it won’t go in vain.
Ya Wadood
I love you.

  • the Content slave

Nice Masha Allah, its beautiful poem

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Masha Allah, jazakilla Allah :heart: