A reminder about death

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters

I came across this You Tube video today regarding a healthy young 26-year-old brother suddenly returning to Allah :broken_heart:, inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi ra’ji’oon. May Allah grant this brother Jannatul Firdous and accept any righteous deeds from him along with all Muslims, and increase their status in their grave and make it like Paradise unto their soul, spacious and light. Ameen.

This is a reminder to us all that regardless of our age and even if we have no underlying health issues, we will return to Allah at our decreed time.

We must prepare ourselves for this day by constantly having dhikr of Allah. Doing good deeds. Saying good words. Ensuring we keep trust with the creation of Allah. Ensuring we are truthful in our actions and words and that we are not one for breaking our promises with others.

To ensure we are one whom Allah is pleased with, and our last actions and words were of the righteous, and we can lead people by example at the time of our death, we should start our day with praise towards Allah, charity, good deeds and good words towards all those around us, ensuring we do our salah on time and end our day in the same way, ensuring that we also repeat these steps throughout the day too and ensuring our intentions are always sincere. To increase the possibility of us dying in such a blessed state.

We need to ensure that we are prepared for the questioning of the grave by acting upon these questions within our heart and deeds. Follow The Qur’an teachings, the examples of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w), doing that which is pleasing to Allah whilst staying away from that which is displeasing to Allah, acting upon the laws of the shariah and doing everything possible to gain Allah’s pleasure, never belittling charity and ensuring our heart’s intentions are always sincere, as the answers to the angels questioning within the grave will be based on the belief within our heart, not on our words alone

May Allah make His commands easy for us, not make us accountable for forgetfulness or error and forgive us all of our sins while hiding them from everyone as not to humiliate us. Ameen.

May Allah only take our souls while we are pleasing to Him. May He remove our debts from us. Rahman Raheem. Ghafoor Ghafar and protect us from a painful death whilst forgiving us of all our evil deeds and actions. Ameen.