A simple vegetable soup

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters

I had this simple vegetable soup yesterday alhamdulillah. It’s what I call a cheat version because it’s not actually a recipe as such :rofl:.

All I did was get a tin of Morrisons mixed bean salad in water, drained it from its water then added it into a saucepan with a tin of Heinz tomato soup and gave it a stir then heated it until thoroughly warmed (do not boil). Just keep stirring it every so often to make sure every bit of it heats up. Quite like the tinned Heinz vegetable soup bought in the supermarkets in the UK. But obviously add the tinned vegetables of choice yourself.

Then serve. I hope you enjoy it if you try it inshallah

I also made a cheat version of mackerel curry with vegetable rice the other day. A packet of mixed vegetable rice that just required heating, placed into a saucepan with a tin of potatoes drained and chopped then a combination of organic coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil, added some grinded black nigella sativa seeds (also known as black onion seeds) and black pepper, with Herbamare salt and some powdered ginger just to give it a mild taste, then I heated this up for a little while giving it a stir and added a tin of Tesco’s skinless and boneless mackerel in curry sauce giving it all a stir together. This was all heated until warmed through thoroughly. Then served. Enjoy! The picture of this is after I had already eaten some of it.

I found both quite delicious alhamdulillah