A statement for increasing our faith in ALLAH Azzawajal

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

Dear Admin Team and all Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

I would like to mention here two aayaths from Surah Al- An’aam

In verse 63, our ALLAH Azzawajal Says, 'Say, who rescues you from the calamities of the land and the sea, Whom you call upon crying loudly and in whispers that, ‘If we are saved from this we will surely be grateful?’

And in the next verse, verse 64 our ALLAH Azzawajal Says, ‘Say, it is ALLAH who saves you from it, and every distress; then you (still) associate partners with Him.’

From the above two verses, I have coined a statement that would be very beneficial to us if we keep on reciting in regularly and that is …

ALLAH rescues us from the calamities of the land and the sea, and from every distress.

In Arabic, it would be, “ALLAHU yunajjeekum min zulumaati’l barri wal bahri wa min kulli karb”.

I am neither a scholar of The Holy Quran, nor a scholar of Arabic language, nor have any authority to make statements regarding the aayaths of The Holy Quran. When going thru the translation I felt that if we keep on reciting this regularly or after every Fard prayer once or thrice, it will increase our faith in ALLAH Azzawajal like the Quranic statement ‘HasbunAllahu wa ni’mal Wakeel’. Also, I took inspiration from “HasbunAllahu wa ni’mal Wakeel wa ni’mal Maula wa ni’man Naseer” which is one statement taken from two different Quranic aayaths.

But still, if this is not proper in any way, then please instruct me, I shall stop myself from doing so.

Awaiting your suggestions, comments, etc.

And I seek pardon from ALLAH Azzawajal for any misconduct, misbehavior or anything inappropiate towards His Kalimaath, His Kalaam and/or towards His Creations.

Aameen ya Rabbul Aalameen



masha Allah jazakallahu khairan