All children are born Muslim hadith

My son and I are from and remain far outside the umma and never encountered anything Muslim in our entire lives. I named him Khalil in an attempt to safekeeping him from the racism in America and as he grew into an adult, I can say it’s clear he did indeed remain naturally Muslim as he was born.

Without any guidance from anyone we both discovered Quran and were guided later by a sister in a hijab to a mosque and learned wudu and Salah!!

We still live far away from any Muslim and are surrounded by unbelievers from horizon to horizon. It’s very enlightening.

If anyone would like to ask a plain, white middle class, Midwestern American in Ohio questions about life without Islam, please do!!

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Welcome @abukahlil, look forward to hearing about your journey to islam.
Racism/prejudice is big right now in the world and it seems to be aimed at muslims mostly these days.
Do you encounter prejudice as a white muslim male in USA?

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Indeed I have! For starters, not one white person I’ve met has known the name “Khalil” yet every muslim or black person knows it instantly. And at the church that baptized me, when I introduced my son and they asked “What kind of name is that?” I replied that it’s a Muslim name, everyone tightened up and stopped the conversation.

Also, we had a bible study where they wanted to “teach how to preach to unbelievers” and they had a picture of a ‘hijabi’ that was clearly a christian woman posing as a muslim (no hijabi would have posed for such a picture in such a ridiculous book). I don’t mean to offend with this lol. It’s just a clear answer to your question! and the reason I left the church

Even today, I had to let the last unbeliever I know go. They get upset when I won’t engage about Netflix and politics or poems and music when they refuse to engage in anything spiritual or read even one sentence in scripture. I know that doesn’t sound like racism but it very much is.

I would say, as a white male muslim in Ohio, I’ve been isolated simply by joyfully asking if anyone I know has read Quran. The answer is always more than “No”, it’s “Go away and don’t come back”.