Inevitable I am, come in as a guest but don’t last a single day.
Unlike the summer and the winter I come day/day, I mean everyday.
I take man along with me, home! to a sacred place.
I make men ponder, when will I?
some forget about me, but how can I?
when I make the believers ponder and wonder even in their slightest State of mind questioning their minds of whom I am.
My name is death, that’s what I am.
I separate & unite with injunction from Whom I serve
regardless of anything or what you may have.
Status, health, wealth, Etc that! all I have.
are you ready for my drop in? for your soul I will have.
So that you will be United with your Lord the Rabbil Alamin, to whom you devoted your worship even in your darkest & saddest hours in life…
to your Lord is the return.

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MashAllah, like it. it’s good

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Jazakillahu khairan…


Jazakallah Khayrun and thanks for the reminder of death and our return to Allah

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Amin ya Rabbil Alamin

Ma shaa Allah jazakllahu khair

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Amin wa iyyaaaaaaaaki

Masha’Allah, It is good

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