Angels in Your Presence

Angels in your presence.

A sister mentioned this to me.

A quick search on google,

took me to Yaqeen Ramadhan series.

On completion of the third episode:

Fasting whilst others eat,

I search for the dua,

for a person who feeds me.

How can I deprive myself,

form the opportunities,

for Angels to seek forgiveness for me?

Whilst eating Suhoor,

Whilst others eat around me,

and whilst someone feeds me,

at iftar.

And I make the supplication

“May the fasting break their fast in your home,

and may the dutiful and pious eat your food,

and may the angels send prayers upon you.”

A dua that ensures the Angels

continue to pray for


Into the night.

The search for this dua

led me to this competition,

an invitation from Allah.

Therefore, I start with