Are we accountable for our thoughts? Video

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters

I pray that this post finds you all in excellent health and that Ramadan is treating you well with many blessings for this life and the akhirah. Ameen. Remember we only have approximately 2 weeks left now until its end in shaa Allah.

A reminder of the Mercy (Rahma) of Allah.

Here is a khutbah by Sheikh Omar Suleiman discussing whether we are accountable for our thoughts.

From this video I have learned that there are 2 different types of thoughts - passing thoughts and settled thoughts. Those that settle then become a part of our actual thoughts and can turn into an intention which we then, at some point, act upon. So it’s important that we deal with our settled thoughts as soon as possible and that we get into the habit of thinking about Allah (dhikr) rather than thinking about a person or creations, to avoid bad thoughts, and to avoid evil settled thoughts, then turning into intention, then action.

In Allah’s rahma, if we were to have a good thought and do not act upon it, Allah writes down a good deed for us anyway. Alhamdulillah. However, if we were to have a good thought and act upon it then Allah multiplies that reward for us beyond our imagination.

If we were to have a bad thought and do not act upon it, some scholars’ opinion is that if you were to refrain from that bad action for the sake of Allah without an obstacle getting in the way of you committing that evil, then through Allah’s rahma (mercy) He will write it down as a good deed as you refrained from doing it for His sake. However, if you were to have a bad thought and you do act upon it then Allah will only write it down as one bad deed. He will never multiply a bad deed; but through His mercy He will multiply a good deed. Alhamdulillah

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