Assalamu alaikum EDIT

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters

Our beloved Sheikh Muhammad Salah and his family have been struck down by Covid19. Sadly, his father has passed away :broken_heart::disappointed_relieved:. If you could please keep them in your supplications and duas along with all Muslims. May Allah ease their affair, grant them a speedy recovery and accept the sheikh’s father as a shaheed. Ameen. May Allah ease the affair of all our brothers and sisters that are suffering in any way whatsoever and grant all those that have passed from among the ummah, Jannatul Firdous, make their graves spacious, pleasantly light and their souls at peace and protect them from any punishment in the grave, forgive them all of their wrongdoings and make it easy for those whose first night it is in the grave. May Allah also protect us from the same things when it is our turn and also apply this prayer to us for then. Ameen. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi ra’ji’oon.

Ya Allah, Rahman Raheem Ghafoor Ghafaar. You are Merciful and love Forgiveness so forgive us from all of our wrongdoings. Ameen.

Whether You leave us here, ya Allah, or decide to take our souls to Yourself, please grant us mercy, Rahman Raheem. Ameen.

Do not take our soul ya Allah, unless we have la illaha illAllah on our lips and heart, and The Qu’ran shining through our actions, firm in faith. Ameen.

Make us amongst those 70,000 who will enter Paradise, ya Allah, without questioning. Ameen.

Do not humiliate us, Rahmaan Raheem, in the dunya or the akhirah, in the grave, hell or Day of Reckoning, Ghafoor Ghafaar and forgive us all our sins while concealing them from anyone. Ameen

Maliki yawmideen (Sovereign of the Day of Reckoning) make that Day easy for us and be our shade, give us our book in our right hand and make us beat every trial, and admit us into Paradise whilst protecting us against the hell-fire. Ameen.

Ya Allah, make us of those that are raised up with light, and protect us from being blind and with no light. Make us cross over the bridge safely to the other side and grant us Jannah in Your presence for eternity and the presence of all of the Prophets (pbut) and the presence of all the believers who in this world believed and did righteous works. Ameen

Remember Surah Al Kahf in shaa Allah and supplications

May Allah accept our efforts from us. Ameen

Assalamu alaikum