Assim Al Hakeem Q&A lecture notes

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters

I pray that you are well in shaa Allah

I recently watched a live You Tube lecture by Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem and here’s my notes I made on it; in case they act as a reminder to all who see this post from amongst the ummah and will hopefully benefit everyone, including myself, in shaa Allah

This lecture wasn’t actually on a specific topic. It was a question and answer time, where the sheikh was answering people’s questions, ma’shaa’Allah

So here they are; feel free to copy them out for your own personal use and to share them with others who may benefit from my notes:

Is a Muslim woman permitted to upload her photo online for a home-related job; even though anyone can access this photo of her?
A Muslim woman can only use her photo for essential things (ie school, university). Jobs that require a photo are not common.

Is it true that a Muslim can enter Jannah as a result of them crying out from fear of Allah?
Yes, it’s true, that a Muslim can enter jannah if they cry out of fear of Allah, and an eye stays awake guarding for the sake of Allah, through remembrance of Him.

Is it permissible for a Muslim to pray in the same clothes they slept in?
We can pray in any clothes (whether you slept in them or ate in them etc). The main thing is; is that the clothes are pure and covers the awrah.

Is it permissible to listen to natural sounds to lose weight?
Listening to natural sounds is permissible within itself; it can be quite therapeutic and relaxing to listen to the birds singing, and the rivers flowing.

However, if it is for the purpose of losing weight then it is not permitted as it’s giving the natural sound a power only Allah possesses and thus is considered a form of shirk.

If natural sounds help one to lose weight; it has either one of two things:

  1. it either has a hidden message like hypnosis (which is haraam) or,
  2. it’s just rainwater dripping off a rooftop doing no good but we believe it helps us loose weight (minor shirk).

Healing of Allah as a part of the shariah comes from:

  • ruqyah
  • honey
  • black seed
  • cupping
  • milk/urine of camels etc
  • medicines

If you believe something is a cure from Allah with no shariah or medical industry backing it up, then it’s minor shirk
It is major shirk if you believe it’s a cure by itself, without Allah.

• Question:
(I can’t actually remember this question, astaghfirullah, as I only made notes of the answers but it was about divorcing automatically and a husband having 2 wives) here’s the answer/s anyway, ma’shaa’Allah:
Whatever conditions are stipulated in a marriage contract by the woman; it gives her the right to demand divorce if his conditions were unfulfilled, but she doesn’t divorce automatically.

If he has a second wife it’s advisable to continue with the marriage, or the wife can divorce. It’s a personal choice.

Jazakallah khayrun for reading this and I pray that it, in shaa Allah, helps us all and that Allah accepts our efforts from us as a means of getting closer to Him, and it acts as a expiation for our sins. Ameen :palms_up_together:t3:

Have a lovely safe day