Be patient: for patience is beautiful🤗🤗

Whatever you ask for, if it’s meant for you, you’ll get. No matter how long the wait. The Almighty will see to it. So always ask with conviction & a pure heart.
Leave the timing to Him. Don’t rush Him. Don’t give Him ultimatums. Our job is to live a life that’s pleasing to Him.

Patience is indeed a virtue. We’re taught its value & how the Almighty rewards those who embody this quality. But at times as humans, we tend to get emotional over something & we run out of patience. Don’t feel bad.
Keep the Allah in focus. He will find a way out for you!


Jazakallah khayrun

Thank you for the reminder

May Allah make it easy for us to be amongst the patient and to guide us on the straight path (ihdinos sirotol mustaqeem). Ya Allah, never lead us astray. Ameen