Being kind to Allah's creation

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters

Here’s a reminder that as Muslims we need to show compassion towards all of Allah’s creations - people (whatever their race, beliefs, age, gender, abilities or inabilities etc.etc), animals, plants, and everything else, including ourselves, for none of it belongs to us, but rather everything belongs to Allah - inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi ra’ji’oon {to Him we belong and to Him we shall return}. Everything in existence Allah created; therefore everything belongs to Him. Nothing belongs to us. Everything on the face of the earth was created by Allah as a part of the test. Everything is a decoration to the earth; even our own families. This is mentioned in Surah Al Kahf 18 ayah 7: “Indeed, We have made what is on the earth adornment for it; that We may test them which of them is best in deed.” How many of us will make sacrifices (from loved worldly possessions) for the sake of Allah as a means of gaining His pleasure and in hope for the akhirah? When someone abandons their bad (loved) ways solely for the purpose of Allah then that is within itself a great act. It doesn’t just mean to give up physical things that we love to strive for the hereafter - it could be physical things, certain (bad) friends, (bad) media, (bad) speech, food and drink (fast) but also that which is haram, money (donate), sleep (pray), bad actions and all kinds of things that we either love or that influence sin. Obviously giving up cruel actions merely for the sake of Allah are also a part of it and being compassionate to His creations, and striving for the akhirah rather than putting preference for the dunya.

Here’s a video by Mufti Menk being kind to cats. May Allah forgive us all of our sins; however many we may have committed and however major they may be. For Allah loves forgiveness and is the Ghafoor. Ya Allah, guide us on the straight path, the path You have favored and protect us from ever going astray. For You are the best guide. Ya Allah, have Mercy upon us and protect us from Your punishment and from humiliation wherever we may be. You are the Rahmaan Raheem. The Compassionate and The Merciful and Allah accept from us our actions and make us amongst the righteous. Ameen.

My cat is massaging my blanket purring. Subhanallah


JazakAllahu khairan… Sister @Eemaan such a cute cat MashaAllah!:heart_eyes: I would like to have one someday!

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Hi Sister @Zoyamoin

Jazakallah khayrun for your lovely comments

Yes he is cute. Sadly I got him off the streets after someone abandoned him along with many other cats. I’ve had him live with me for about 5 years now alhamdulillah. My dad passed away in April inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon after hospital negligence and him having Dementia Alzheimer’s, he was really thriving at home alhamdulillah and he used to call the cat “the little baby” he absolutely loved him. And if he went near an open window he would pick up the cat (some time ago he was frightened to pick the cat up in case he scratched him) and would say “aww, come here little baby we don’t want that to happen to you” and would move him away from the window to save him from falling outside :sparkling_heart:. He was really therapeutic to my dad. Alhamdulillah. I pray that Allah unites us all in Jannatul Firdous. Ameen.

I hope you manage to get a cat inshallah. Ameen

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Jazak Allahu Kharun.
That cat looks soo cute Mash’Allah :heart_eyes:

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Jazakallah khayrun. He is very cute :sparkling_heart:. Allahumma barakatuh

SubhanAllah! May Allah grant ur father jannatul firdaus and unite all loved ones there. Allahumma ameen. Our beloved prophet saws loved cats too :heart: MashaAllah so kind of u to rescue the poor creature :innocent:

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Jazakallah khayrun for your lovely comment and ameen to your dua’a. May Allah reward you. Ameen.