Blessed month of Ramadhan: Poem


Between the mountains of Sha’ban and Shawwal rose the sun of Ramadhan
Enlightening a world darkened in lockdown,
bringing rays of mercy amidst a congregational ban

Dawn of revelation, the birthday of the Quran is celebrated today
Though I have not the ability to recite and appreciate much,
but for forgiveness I will continue to pray

While the saint enjoys the fire of Allah’s love, burning his carnal desire
Fasting, praying and reciting his holy hallmark
I, a sinner can only hope to seek redemption from hell-fire

As Muhammad, the chosen one proclaimed, a message to the faithful
Ramadhan, the blessed month comes with a gift of three
Ten and ten with mercy and forgiveness from the almighty
A final ten, salvation from hell fire, a gift to the sinful

Fortunate I am today, standing under this sun reaping its multi-fold reward
For tomorrow, my sun may set and I may be a corpse under earth’s fold