Eid During Lockdown Ideas? What to do this Eid during Covid-19


Hope you are all well during this time! As Ramadhan is fast approaching, so is Eid and I was wondering what ideas you have for what do to on the day during this very strange time.

Jazakumallahu Khairan and I look forward to hearing ideas !


Wa alaykum salam, first of all barak Allahu feek for your post it is highly appreciated! You’re one of the first!
This is an excellent topic, you’ve got me thinking.
We’ll do the normal gifts, clothes and food etc, but because we’ll not have guests around I think to make it extra special the children can put forward some ideas possibly a week or two in advance.

  • They could give ideas on what food to prepare - possibly have a vote depends on the number of people present.
  • Have a bake off in the afternoon
  • Suggest games to play, who will lead it
  • Have prizes - they could suggest the prizes too
  • Decorate the house even more

I think the day could start as a whole family Fajr prayer in Jamat, followed by some nasihah, the kids could present something :slight_smile:

Big breakfast together!
Face time the entire family from all around the World!
That should take us up to around 10am :rofl:

What do you think? What ideas do you have?


Yes sister MashaAllah unique topic and apt for these times! Visiting our relatives and exchanging gifts is an integral part of eid celebration. Unfortunately this year eid will be different due to the lockdown. May Allah have mercy on us! Ameen.
Ofcourse technology has filled in this void of distancing and one can interact virtually with family all over the world! Such a blessing alhamdulillah.
Kids can organize activities and games that the whole family can participate. Islamic quizzes are a great way to gain knowledge in a fun way.
Parents can read stories from the quran or the lives of the Sahaba for the kids.
The whole family can give creative ideas to decorate their house.

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