Excellent TV series about Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal

So with lockdown happening everyone has found some extra time here or there.
I came across a brilliant TV show about Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal called the Imam, it all in Arabic. There is one episode available online with English subtitles you can see it here

The Imam | Episode 1 | مسلسل الإمام - abullaythii

All the episodes are available on YouTube but is it in Arabic which can be found here:

There is a way to get the subtitles and view it with the video using a plugin in Chrome find the info here:


It is also available on Amazon Prime video with ALCHEMIYA which has a 7 day free trial then a monthly fee. See here:


Are there any other videos worth watching?


The Ramadan series is a set of daily episodes on youtube by omar suleiman, yasir qadhi and mufti menk are really good.
They do different topics of series every Ramadan. Omar Suleiman’s videos are short and informative. Yasir qadhi does detailed explaining of the Quran tafseer and other topics. Mufti menk also short and very comforting.
Attaching links, u can follow each episode daily.


Masha Allah , the video of Omar suleiman is beautiful am one of the follower and waiting to watch episode 6.

And for yasir qadhi and mufti menk i wil try my possible best to follow to watch and also be a, follower insha Allah


They were very popular series during Ramadan and were being update daily on the site.

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Oh man!! I love the Umma and Scholars on Youtube!!! Walahi, It really is the only intelligent content on the whole of YouTube.

Sometimes I just sit for hours and let scholar after scholar blast out of the speakers with the windows open, hoping someone will walk by and hear even a few seconds of wisdom lol

Jazakallah khayrun sister for these useful videos

I love watching Mufti Menk and Omar Suleiman’s videos too. I find them very helpful, ma’shaa’Allah

May Allah reward you and all of the ummah with much goodness :palms_up_together:t3:


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Jazakallah khayrun brother for these.

I will hopefully watch them, in shaa Allah


I think the funniest one though is Imran Hosseini down in Trinidad. lol

he’s too political for me but I LOVE his delivery

this guy: Imran N. Hosein - Wikipedia

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