Friday supplications

Assalamu alaikum

Jummah Mubarak

It’s Friday again alhamdulillah

May Allah accept our efforts from us. Ameen.

Here are some supplications:

Rahman Raheem release our brothers and sisters who have been imprisoned although innocent; grant all Muslims ease that are going through difficulties; help those that are grieving, grant us patience at times of hardship, grant all those Muslims that have died light in their grave, a widened and heightened grave without fear and protect us all from your punishment, wrath and humiliation. Ameen.

Ya Allah, give us our book in our right hand on the Day of Judgement. Ya Allah, do not allow us to be humiliated. Ameen.

Allah, Rahmaan Raheem Ghafoor, forgive us all of our sins and grant us of Your compassion and mercy. Ameen

Make us amongst those whom cross the bridge safely to enter Jannah and give us a comfortable light. Ameen

Make us amongst the 70,000 that will enter Jannah without reckoning. Ameen.

Send peace and blessings on our Prophet Muhammad (saw). Ameen.