Hardest part about Ramadan

Satan’s whisperings and the evil of our own nafs(soul) are the ones we have to fight with daily and win over by Allah’s mercy.

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As we know from Allah Ta3laa…

  1. Nafs (Ego,desires,greed,etc) Nafs orders us to do bad says Allah ta3laa
  2. Ruh (Soul) is from Allahs Order and Allah has given us but a limitation of its knowledge.
    Its up to every Believer/Practitioner to cleans his/her Ruh/Soul and not to give into Nafs (Ego,desires,greed,etc). As this (Ruh/Soul) is examined by Almighty Allah ta3laa constantly and on Judgment day. So make a beautiful presentation of it that you can be dignified/honored with to present to Allah Always . May Allah give us the strength to overcome our Nafs and purify our Ruh inshallah.