I believe (song lyrics I thought of)

I believe…
So I achieve.

I believe…
And I succeed.

I believe in miracles, do you?
I believe in miracles, that’s true.
We believe in miracles, that’s true.

Because one Day we will stand in front of Allah…
He is always near; He is never far.

He knows everything we say and do.
Nothing can be hidden from Him, that’s true.

Subhanallah, alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allahu.

So be careful of our words and actions too
Always make sure that we are true.
For it’s better for me and you
Because on that Day we will be accountable, that’s true

Pray to Allah to remove any hypocrisy…
From you and me, too

Never be arrogant, stingy or extravagant…
Help the poor; open the righteous door.
Never lead them away; always guide them on the right way by showing them that Islam is true.