I couldn't understand this ahadith undoubtedly, help me detailing?

From: Sahih Muslim
Chapter No. 1, Faith (Kitab Al Iman)
Hadith No : 320
Narrated/Authority of Mujahid

that he said: We were with Ibn 'Abbas and (the people) talked about al-Dajjal. (One of them remarked. There is written between his eyes (the word) Kafir (infidel). The narrator said: Ibn 'Abbas remarked: I did not hear him (the Holy Prophet) say it, but he said: So far as Ibrahim is concerned. you may see your companion and so far as Moses is concerned, he is a well-built man with wheat complexion (riding) on a red camel with its halter made of the fibre of date-palm (and I perceive) as if I am seeing towards him as he is going down in the valley saying: I am at Thy service! my Lord.

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As salamu alaikum brother
what part don’t you understand?
There’s two conversations in this narration.

would you mind explaining this ahadith in a simple way? or help me with narrating those two narrations that you said there is?

Assalamu alaikum

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Assalaamu Alaykum, Syed.
Welcome! I look forward to seeing your posts.

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It simply means “are you looking for a man with kafir on his forehead? Or are you looking for Ibrahim and Moses?”

It’s about faith. Don’t worry about Dajjal, keep your eyes on the messengers and the message. Only the ignorant and foolish will be concerned with Dajjal.