I had this for my evening dinner. Alhamdulillah

Hi brothers and sisters

Assalamu alaikum

I would like to share with you my evening meal.

Kasih Hummas from Jordan, 2 carrots chopped, 3 tomatoes chopped with olive oil, malt vinegar, grinded black onion seeds (Nigella Sativa), grinded black pepper and Herbamare salt, and served with some Walkers crisps.

What did you have??



Wa alaykum Salam that looks very healthy and delicious! I had a chicken burger :smile: hope your meal was nice. Thanks for sharing


It was very delicious thank you. Alhamdulillah

I hope you enjoyed your chicken burger inshallah


MashaAllah healthy balanced meal sister @Eemaan
Had cheesy pasta with mixed veggies some days back. Alhamdulillah. I have now started a veg and fruits smoothie diet for dinner. Hope I continue it have to lose weight.

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Jazakallah khayrun for sharing your meal with us. It looks very tasty, Allahumma barakatuh. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m trying to lose weight too. Every Tuesday afternoon I weigh myself. I’m very naughty though, lol, as I don’t always eat healthy on my diet although I do most of the time. Sometimes I just watch out for the calories. I tend to experiment on my diet. One day keto food and calorie counting, another day calorie counting, another day Slimming World ‘free’ food with no calorie counting then other times (and most of the time lately lol) I just eat anything halal that I fancy guessing the calories to ensure that I don’t go over or eat many for the whole week

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Me too sis :sob: never consistent in a diet and end up gaining more :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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May Allah make it easy for us. Ameen. It’s my weigh in day tomorrow. During this lockdown I have started to do my own home exercises too to also help me to burn off calories. Alhamdulillah. I hope yours is going well. Ameen. Assalamu alaikum