My notes on a webinar about Yusuf (a.s) & Yunus (a.s)

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters

I pray that all are well in shaa Allah

Here’s some notes I made during watching a live webinar on Prophet Yusuf (a.s) and Yunus (a.s). I watched this before the Covid restrictions were lifted and haven’t seen any webinars by these same publishers since then, in fact I saw some events in person since the restrictions being lifted. Quite disappointing as I enjoyed the webinars, ma’shaa’Allah, and due to disability am limited in getting around places. Alhamdulillah anyway.

I am only able to make notes on this as no recordings of that webinar are allowed. It’s against the publisher’s terms, however I am able to write notes and share them instead, ma’shaa’Allah. So I pray that these benefit us all, in shaa Allah.

To see it more complete; I have found a YouTube video on the same lecture but by Mufti Menk which I am able to share, ma’shaa’Allah, so here’s the link for that: Stories Of The Prophets-15~Yaqub (AS) and Yusuf (AS) - Part 1 - YouTube

Anyway back to my notes on the webinar I watched;

Surah Yusuf (a.s) was revealed in Makkah and is the best of stories

Throughout the early years of Yusuf (a.s)’ life he was trialled greatly and he bore a beautiful patience. The most beautiful patience (sabrun jameel).

Half of all beauty was given to Yusuf (a.s) and the other half was given to Yusuf (a.s) and his mom.

Yusuf [Joseph] (a.s) was thrown into a well by his brothers. They were jealous of him. They proclaimed falsely to their father that he (a.s) had been taken by a wolf. Deep down though their father (Yaqub; Jacob [a.s]) knew that his son must still be alive due to a prophecy that had to yet come to pass.

After being thrown into the well; some travellers that got lost on their journey, ended up at the well where they released a bucket down the well to draw some water from it.

Yusuf (a.s) only a young boy then, grabbed on to the bucket and they pulled him out of the well, ma’shaa’Allah.

Children in those days meant a lot as they were sold as slaves. So, these travellers sold Yusuf (a.s) for a cheap price in a slave market and a minister saw and bought him as a slave.

He, Yusuf (a.s) became very successful and was reunited with his brothers eventually, ma’shaa’Allah. His prophecy come to pass. Alhamdulillah

Now, on to the story of Yunus (a.s):
Yunus [Jonah] (a.s) is mentioned in many places of The Qu’ran and hadith.

Yunus (a.s) is the first prophet mentioned in The Qu’ran

He (a.s) lived in Iraq and was sent to Mosul; Ninivah. He (a.s) was sent to the people of Ninivah as they were polytheists.

The prophets (p.b.u.t) were sent as a mercy to the world.

The people dismissed Yunus (a.s). A prophet cannot leave their people without the permission of Allah. Yunus (a.s) left them through fear of Allah’s punishment coming to them and through anger of their dismissal. As he (a.s) was about to leave; the skies started changing color and the people then suddenly had dhikr of Allah after he (a.s) left.

They started praying to Allah to remove the calamity and it was lifted from them, then they prayed for Yunus (a.s)’ return. This was a unique feature of Yunus (a.s)’ community. None of the other prophets’ (a.s) communities had this unique characteristic as they did.

Their imaan at that moment saved them from the punishment in this life. He (a.s) was on a ship far away. The storm came. A whale came along. Yunus (a.s) jumped into the sea by Allah’s command, and as a punishment from Allah for leaving his people while they were disbelievers; the whale swallowed him.

The whale dived to the bottom of the sea. Yunus (a.s) alive in the belly of the whale; was in darkness upon darkness. Not only was he in the belly of the whale where it was completely dark; but he was also at the bottom of the sea where there was no light.

Yunus (a.s) could hear glorification of the stones and fish in the sea and he prostrated to Allah in the belly of the whale; glorifying Him and repenting to Him “I am one of the wrongdoers” repeatedly.

The whale and creatures heard him and praised Allah. Yunus (a.s) stayed in the belly of the whale for 3-40 days before being spat out by the whale on a island under a shade of a tree. Due to the acid in the whale’s belly; Yunus (a.s) was sore all over. He continued repenting to Allah. Blessings came to him. He (a.s) returned to his people to find that they now believed. Alhamdulillah.

We should learn from the Prophet Yunus (a.s)’ example that to gain relief from distress we shouldn’t focus on asking for salvation from the calamity but rather we should repeatedly ask for forgiveness of our wrongdoings.