Night of Qadr and Revelation

Ramadan approaches and I know that on day 1,3,5,7 or 9 of the last ten days comes the Night of Qadr.

Qadr is very specific as well. It’s not just a revelation, it has structure. First comes the yearly Decree followed by Angels going forth and doing Allah’s bidding.

I don’t know what Muslims know about Christian Scripture, but The Book of Revelation (the spooky end book) is exactly as Qadr describes. It opens with 7 decrees about churches at the time of it’s revelation then it’s followed by a series of Commands which are executed by Angels.

And it was revealed to the closest Companion to Isa, a man named John (not John the Baptist, cousin of Isa). John whom Jesus Loved. And John was in prison on an island called Patmos at the time, as well. Very isolated and alone and he was constantly praying.

And by my calendar, it appears this was revealed to him exactly 500 years before it was again revealed to Rasulallah.

I’ve done research and so far I haven’t found any commentary, Christian or Muslim, which mentions this.