O brothers of faith

O brothers of faith
People of the merciful
Don’t lose hope in God’s mercy
The Lord of fast forgiveness

He is merciful
And his grace is great
How many blessings he has given us
And afflictions he has kept away

Complain to him for your troubles
The solution will be given to you
He is the only one, if he wants
Can remove all harm

He is the one who sent
Corona plaguing to the earth
The plague has come to cleanse
Purify and rejoice
It’s a reminder

From our Lord and an awakening
It is a reminder
From our Lord and awakening

It is a test
But it’s purification
It seems like punishment
But it is a lesson

It is a messenger
For those who are aware
As a result people have confessed
For their actions and deeds
And they have confessed their weaknesses
And the need for their Lord

Their faith has increased
In fear of the most merciful
O nation of Islam
Success an peace
Prepare my people

The month of fasting has arrived
The month of Quran and prayer
And remembrance and giving food

Satan is chained
He will have no power
The door of hell is closed
Many happy to be freed

Paradise is calling you
What a waste for those who sleep
Hurry seekers of glory
Work your hardest a
A generous guest has arrived
With victory and countless goodness