Pleasure in reading

I notice in the umma that many people ask questions about Halal and haram, what should or shouldn’t be done and it makes me wonder, are there any who enjoy reading Quran and Hadith on their own, without obligation? I find myself picking up both daily and just reading what I open to.

What I enjoy most about reading Quran is how once you start a Surah, it’s impossible to put it down without finishing it!

One of my favorite verses is “If you do not believe this Quran, write something like it. You cannot.”

I find that when I converse in public, I come away with less of myself but when I read Hadith and Quran, I come away a more complete human!

So, does anyone read for pleasure? Just pick it up and read it! lol. no obligation, just a desire to hear Rasoolallah and his Infinite Wisdom!