Preparing for Ramadan

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters

Just a reminder that Ramadan is only within about 4 months time. Alhamdulillah. So we need to be prepared for that blessed month in shaa Allah

May Allah make us amongst those who reach such a blessed month, forgive us our sins and make it easy for us to follow to be amongst the successful in the akhirah and the dunya. May Allah get rid of all of our sins and replace them with goodness. So on the Day of Reckoning we are among the successful given our book in our right hand and may He make us amongst the 70,000 who will enter Paradise without account. Ameen.

Some ways of being prepared:

  1. catch up with any broken fast from last year
  2. put an effort in to pray on time and with concentration; also perform sunnah (optional) prayers
  3. put an effort in to fast every Monday and Thursday
  4. pay your zakat
  5. improve the focus/concentration
  6. improve self control
  7. participate in any voluntary actions which may gain you reward from Allah
  8. increase your iman

Please comment in the comment section of this post with any other ideas you may have on how we can be better prepared for Ramadan

Jazakallah khayrun


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Jazakallhu Khayrun, Eemaan


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Wa iyyak

Ameen to this and the other supplications