Pumpkin, tomato and basil soup

Pumpkin, tomato and basil soup I made, alhamdulillah.
Another idea for Iftar or Suhor.
All that’s in it is pumpkin chopped, tomato and basil pasta sauce, full cream milk (cream would be even better), salt and pepper, gravy and black seeds grinded, with water, and cheese to flavour, all liquidised. I had ingredients unavailable so made it like this. However, would normally do it so an onion peeled and chopped is fried, add 2 tins of tomatoes in juice, add the chopped peeled pumpkin, water to cover, add a stock cube or 2, salt, pepper and grinded black seeds, bring to the boil, liquidise, add the cream then bring back to the boil keep stirring occasionally. Then eat.