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Assalamualaikum, Afternoon to everyone and Alhamdulillah for the reopens of the Masajids I observed Subh in Jam’i today… But my concern is this guidelines attached to it most especially the washing and sanitizing before entering the Masajids, My question is, is it dat there’s no any spiritual significant in Wudu and wats the rulings on performing ablution and still coming to sanitise dats full of Alcohol? Is it justifiable?

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It is Islamically halal (permissible) to do so too. Most Muslims will agree that anything that’s a necessity is allowed, meaning alcohol-based cleaning products that don’t have an intoxicating effect are halal.

Dr Asim Yusuf, scholar, chair of British Board of Scholars and Imams and consultant psychiatrist for the NHS tells ‘The use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers is something that some Muslims are concerned about, given the well-known prohibition of alcohol consumption in Islam.

Muslims might be concerned because in some schools of thought, alcohol is considered ritually impure as well as impermissible to consume. That means that putting alcohol on your hands is akin to washing them with blood (blood and urine on your persons mean you can’t perform ablution needed for prayer).

However, in the Hanafi tradition, most forms of alcohol are not considered to be ritually impure, and therefore the usage in all sorts of products, including cleaning agents, moisturisers, disinfectants, et cetera, is completely permissible.

Dr Yusuf adds: ‘This is the most appropriate opinion to take in the modern world generally, given our widespread use of alcohol as a cleaning and preservative agent.


Jazakallahu khairan brother