Quick Suhoor Ideas 🌙

Overnight Oats
1 part oats
1.5 parts milk
.25 parts yogourt (greek)
1/8 part seeds (chia)
Personalized toppings

This is a super easy suhur idea, especially if you are really tired in the mornings because you can just make this the night before. Mix together all the basic ingredients, you can use soy or almond milk if you’d like, in an airtight container, like a mason jar. Next you can add whatever you would like. For regular oatmeal, just add a pinch of salt. Instead, I like to add a bit of maple syrup or honey as a sweetener, as well as some vanilla extract, cinnamon, cocoa powder, banana, pecans, and chocolate chips.
Enjoy! :crescent_moon::sparkles: