Ramadan 17 question

Of which companion did the Prophet say, “If there was to be a Prophet after Me, it would have been you? @Susu @Saphiyyah @Gafz @hansari0602 @anowarzahid @hajar @Qalamesque @Razisulaiman @Muslimah @Eemaan and others.


Was it Ali ibn Abu Talib?

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Well done… You will have to re think, :hugs:

Abubakr Ibn Abi Quhafa

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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “if there was to be a Prophet after me it would have been Omar ibn al Khattab” @Qalamesque @Muslimah


Assalamu alaikum

Please forgive me that I missed your question

I pray that this Ramadan is going well for you, inshallah


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Alhamdulillah Rabbil Alamin

Umar ibn Al-khattab radiy Allahu anhu (the one who distiguish between the truth and falsehood) He is known as Al-Farooq

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Na’am , I have seen your question not long ago. I think its Umar.

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