Ramadan 2020 competition starts! Entry details

As salamu alaikum, we’re very excited to announce the details of the ahadith.co.uk Ramadan competition.
There are a few categories for entry with prize giveaways, it is free to enter and your participation is highly appreciated! Enter as many times as you like and in as many categories.

The only requirement is that you are a registered user on this forum.

Be sure to read the full details of how to enter below.

First place prizes

Pick one of:

  • £20 GBP Amazon gift vouchers or onlinestore of your choice
  • £20 GBP food (iftar) vouchers to redeem at Ubereats, Deliveroo or any online food portals of you country

Second/runner up prizes

Choose one of:

  • £10 GBP Amazon gift vouchers or store of your choice
  • £10 GBP food (iftar) vouchers to redeem at Ubereats, Deliveroo or any online food portals of you country

Special prizes

  • Digital signed certifcates from ahadith.co.uk x5
  • Become moderators of this forum x5

Competition details

Entry deadline: Sunday 10th May 2020
Winners anounced on the 15th May 2020 here and via email.

There are a few ways to win. The winners will be chosen by our moderators from the best entries. See below!

  1. Submit your best and tastiest Iftar (fatoor) or suhoor recipe in the Ramadan forum and tag it #ramadan. Give it a delicious title :slight_smile: Extra points for pictures!
  2. Original written piece of poem about Ramadan, Islam or Muslims. No plagiarism allowed! Submit it in the Ramadan forum and tag it #ramadan.
  3. Share your favourite dua, hadith, advice or quote and say why it makes you feel good! Submit it in the Ramadan forum and tag it #ramadan.
  4. Design an original Eid card for the Muslims all around the world! Submit it in the Ramadan forum and tag it #ramadan.
  5. Bonus: Participate lots in this forum by posting, replying, liking etc and get as many badges as possible, see all the badges and what each one is awarded for https://discuss.ahadith.co.uk/badges/ this one is easy!

If you have any other questions please just ask below, may Allah bless you abundantly and reward you with goodness! Have a blessed Ramadan!


As salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh

Is this only for the people belongs to UK?

The competition is open to everyone from anywhere in the world.
Prizes will be equivalent to GBP for the winner.

How can I post or share?

Wa alaykum salam jus pick of these and post it as a new topic:


Assalamu alaikum

I would like to post something but how do I do it? Please clarify.

Were you able to upload your post. If yes, please share with us, so that others can benefit from it.

Wa alaikum Salam I was able upload mine.its easy just click on the Ramadan forum link after that click on new topic then you upload

Jazakallahul qaira! With your suggestion I was also able to upload mine :+1:

Assalamu alaikum

Ramadan Mubarak

JazakAllahu Khair for the competition. May Allah reward you and all Muslims. Ameen

How do we check who the winners are on your website please

JazakAllahu Khair

Salamu alaykum, dear Eemaan we will close the competition on the 10th and announce on the 15th May in the forum the winners insha Allah! So far we’ve had a great response! Keep it coming insha Allah.

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Ramadan Kareem. To all the Muslims in the world

Ramadan Mubarak

Jazakallahu Khair. May Allah reward you


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Salam guys just to remind everyone that the competition ends tonight (10th May) 12am GMT! Keep your entries coming right up until the last minute!
We’ve had amazing entries so far it certainly will be very hard to pick winners which will be announced by the 15th insha Allah!


Within this few days, I was able to make new friends, I hope this site will not be blocked. And I look forward to congratulate the winner.


I am happy to hear that you want it to continue after Ramadan. We certainly do not plan to close it in fact the plan was to create an alternative community environment for all of us insha Allah so that we can advise and communicate with each other! I hope everyone will keep coming back after the winners are announced.
It is so hard as there are so many exceptional entries and the saddest thing will be that not everyone can win! I hope that won’t deter users from coming back!
Because the response was amazing! We have planned to create a new EID competition after this because we all deserve it insha Allah!


May Allah SWT bless all your efforts, Insha Allah I’ll continue visiting this site.

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AlhamduliLlah! Brotherhood beyond borders… May Allah be pleased with all.


Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

Have the results been declared? I couldn’t find any announcement yet.