Ramadan 2020 competition starts! Entry details

Ramadan Mubarak

Jazakallahu Khair. May Allah reward you


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Salam guys just to remind everyone that the competition ends tonight (10th May) 12am GMT! Keep your entries coming right up until the last minute!
We’ve had amazing entries so far it certainly will be very hard to pick winners which will be announced by the 15th insha Allah!


Within this few days, I was able to make new friends, I hope this site will not be blocked. And I look forward to congratulate the winner.


I am happy to hear that you want it to continue after Ramadan. We certainly do not plan to close it in fact the plan was to create an alternative community environment for all of us insha Allah so that we can advise and communicate with each other! I hope everyone will keep coming back after the winners are announced.
It is so hard as there are so many exceptional entries and the saddest thing will be that not everyone can win! I hope that won’t deter users from coming back!
Because the response was amazing! We have planned to create a new EID competition after this because we all deserve it insha Allah!


May Allah SWT bless all your efforts, Insha Allah I’ll continue visiting this site.

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AlhamduliLlah! Brotherhood beyond borders… May Allah be pleased with all.


Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

Have the results been declared? I couldn’t find any announcement yet.



As salamu alaikum everyone, first of all jazakumullahu khayran!
As you’re all aware the ramadan competition ended a few days ago and we promised to reveal the winners tonight. We have the winners it was very hard to choose and unfortunately not everyone can win! We will always be indebted to everyone who participated because from our point of view it was a huge success and alhamdulillah it brought people from all over the world together to participate!
After long hard deliberations over the last few days the mods came to an agreement about the winners!

The winners

First Place - £20 GBP Voucher of choice

The first place we awarded to the user who participated the most it was a huge and hard task, it was between two people in the end, the forum software awarded the winner the badge New User of the Month automatically long before we even knew.
The first place winner is sister @Eemaan for her endless appreciation to others’ posts and her striving to post new content on a nearly daily basis! And she posted her competition entries for all categories. Barak Allahu Feek sister! We hope you will continue to come back participate in the future insha Allah!

Second Place - £10 GBP voucher of choice

The second place winner was chosen from the Eid card graphics that were posted, there were a few entries, similarly it was very hard to chose the winner from the huge number of entries.
The second place winner is @Muslimah’s little brother’s Eid card.

Another Second Place - £10 GBP voucher of choice

We decided to create an extra prize because of the sheer number of entries and we couldn’t not award brother @Alpaskari for his tremendous efforts! Barak Allahu feek.

Special mentions and certificates

It was extremely hard and there could only be few winners, but we have signed digital certificates to give out to 5 others and 5 other members will be made moderators should they wish to accept. We’ve already selected brother @Alpaskari for his continuous efforts to in the forums and he has made a lot of people smile!

Certificate winners:

@Abbas2005, @Gafz. @ABYS, @pmutuku, @ummylove, @Oladele1993, @ALIP


@Alpaskari, @nooh, @Ruqsta, @Zoyamoin, @Muslimah, @Eemaan.

Congratulations to all the winners and a massive Jazakumullahu khayran to everyone for their entries, we hope that the rest of your Ramadan is blessed and we all come out as winners from Ramadan insha Allah! Because Rasulullah :pbuh: said:

If any Muslim comes out of Ramadan without gaining forgiveness and goodness, he is a real loser.

@asn will contact the winners via private message shortly for instructions on how to get the prizes.


Jazakallahu khairan…


Jazakum Allah Khayr.

Really happy to hear and My brother is so excited he got a prize. He thanks everyone.

Congratulations to @Eemaan and @Alpaskari and everyone else :partying_face:



Congratulations @Eemaan :rose:
Congratulations everyone who won a prize, and everyone who participated :rose: :rose:


Congratulations everyone :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Congratulations winners @Eemaan, @Muslimah, @Alpaskari !! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:MashaAllah may Allah bless u all and every member of the community. Ameen.


Wow! … I was offline for sometime… Congrats to both winners and all members here


Congratulations @Eemaan, @Muslimah and @Alpaskari
May the blessings of Allah be with you and also to those who patispated Masha Allah to everyone


Congratulations to everyone may Allah accept it as an act of Ibaadah

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TaqobbalaLlahu minnaa wa minkum!

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JazakAllahu Khayrun

May Allah bless all of the ummah, ameen


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Congratulations to everyone who won everyone who and got involved.

It was a fun experience, I hope there will be more competitions.


Alhamdulillah…Mubarak to all the winners

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