Ramadan competition prize ideas

As you know we want to run a Ramadan competition for everyone who participates here and/or visits the main hadith site.
I am thinking of some prizes, it has to digital because of the global nature of our visitors.

Here are a few things I am thinking of:

  1. Gift vouchers
  2. Special books (electronic copies)
  3. Subsciption to magazines online

Are there any you prizes that could be added?


Assalamu alaikum. Thank you so much for this wonderful initiative. I suggest that certificates should be issued to the winners along with the ones you mentioned. In my country (Nigeria) those certificates are considered during Job interviews. Thanks.

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Wa alaykum salam Muawiyyah!
This is a fantastic idea, definitely will consider it if it helps insha Allah!

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Extremely wonderful idea :heart_eyes:. Hope the certificate thing is also taken into consideration.

Pretty good ideal… May Allah accept and bless it