Ramadan full of blessings

Ramadan has began full of blessings and rewards,
help the poor and needy don’t just do to your accords.

Remember Allah’s will is best,
even through our greatest test.

Take the opportunity to spread the light everywhere,
remember those suffering around the globe - yeah!

Remember our brothers and sisters who have nothing to eat and drink,
starvation they have and their countries collapse is on the brink.

Read The Qur’an and sunnah too,
it is best for me and you.

Do extra salah throughout the day,
don’t be late for your prayer. Don’t delay. Ramadan Mubarak



Masha Allah and thanks for this greatful advice may Allah reward you

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Ramadan Mubarak

JazakAllahu Khair for your response

May Allah also reward you and make this Ramadan full of blessings for all of the ummah, ameen.

May Allah only take away our souls as a righteous believer and admit us in to jannah inshallah, ameen