Ramadan kareem: poem


The month full of blessing in disguise
That is being welcomed like a guest
For we know it will blow off like a crest
And cleanses doubts beyond our breast
In it good deeds are being rewarded
Bad deeds being detested
If you have an atom weight of deeds
Your reward will never be denigrated
A month encompassed with goodness
That we can’t fathom how much it is
What is the reward for good?
Other than good
In it characters are reformed
To suit the best of the most High form
For He save us from doom
By bestowing on us this blessed month
A month that gladdens the heart
Of the believers
Giving them glad tidings
Through neglection of food and drinks
Evaluation of your own deeds is necessary
Before being evaluated by the most High King
The devils are chained in this month
What is the reward for good other than good?
A month that link the creatures with the Creator
Closer you are to your Lord oh you creature!
Do not reduce your reward to miniature
And give up the worship of nature!
Oh you believers!
This is a month you’ll be delivered
Delivered of all ur misconceptions
Oh turner of hearts! Don’t keep us on U-turn
It encompasses blessed nights
And a night greater than all nights
A night equivalent to ten thousand nights
Bringing the king to a knight in prayer

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