Ramadan lock down poll what's your vote?

Considering we’ve been lock down with no taraweeh in jamat, no visitors for iftar gatherings. There has also been positives such as extra time to get in lots more ibadah, lots of contemplating alone.
Who’s thinks Ramadan has been an even bigger blessing during Ramadan?
Cast your vote by choosing one option from below.
Feel free to write your comments as well.

  • Ramadan has been a blessing in lock down
  • I prefer Ramadan without lock down
  • It’s been the same for me

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My own opinion I prefer Ramadan without lock down, however it has been a blessing as a Muslim we also believe that everything is being destined by ALLAH SWT and also aware of it.

Lastly, lockdown doesn’t Hinder us from worshipping Allah, we can perform our ibadah regardless of any situation. May Allah continue to accept it from you and me

I found that lock down in Ramadan, helps you to focus as there is less distractions since we cant go out and mingle, and since we are not going out to taraweeh we can fully focus in our prayer and be more sincere.


There is a blessing in everything, but I do prefer Ramadan without the lock down. Even though we can still perform everything in our homes. There is a feeling of unity and motivation when we meet every night to pray behind the Imam.

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I prefer Ramadan without the lock-down because you can’t go to night prayer, but you can still pray night prayer at home.

And you will still get the blessing from it.

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