Reading the entire Qu'ran during Ramadan

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters

I pray that you are in excellent health and that Ramadan is going well for you all and that we are earning loads of great rewards. Ameen

As we all know; The Qu’ran was sent down during this month. So one of our biggest aims should be to read the entire Qu’ran in shaa Allah

Today is day 5 of Ramadan. It may vary for different individuals based on the moon sighting within their country/which country’s moon sighting the individual goes by

In shaa Allah this video will help you to complete the entire Qu’ran during this month. Ameen.

How to complete the entire Qu’ran during Ramadan. Read 20 pages of Qu’ran each day. If that’s too overwhelming then read 4 pages of the Qu’ran after each 5 daily prayer.