Save the pumpkins from landfill

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters

Every year I get to save the pumpkins from landfill, alhamdulillah, then post it on social media, to encourage the consumption of pumpkins in non-Muslims and Muslims alike, instead of using them as lanterns.

This year I would love you all to join me inshallah. All you have to do if you want to take part is purchase some pumpkins (Halloween ones even better as they are the ones most likely being used as a lantern and need saving) but any pumpkins really and make some delicious halal recipes from them to consume (freeze whatever is left of them as for them not to go to waste and to consume at a later date inshallah). Then finally post your recipes online for all to see with the hashtag #SaveThePumpkins or #SaveThePumpkinsFromLandfill with however many pumpkins you have managed to save that year. I usually post mine on social media where non muslims are also as I really want to get the message across to them that pumpkins are more than just a lantern and should be consumed inshallah

Here are some recipes I have tried containing pumpkin and I personally believe they are scrumptious, alhamdulillah. Remember pumpkin is a fruit used in both savory and sweet dishes and it is actually good for us with its wide range of nutrients. It is actually in the same family as butternut squash, yet many people use butternut squash in recipes but waste pumpkin even though they are very similar to each other.

•Apple, cinnamon and pumpkin cake•

Make a basic sponge cake using sugar, fat (creaming method), self raising flour folded into it and milk, giving it all a stir until combined, then it is the correct consistency when the batter drops off the spoon (a dropping consistency). Add the pumpkin (chopped, peeled, seeds removed; however much pumpkin suits you), a teaspoon (depending on how much you like cinnamon) of cinnamon powder and a peeled, coreless, chopped cooking apple or even 2 chopped dessert apples peeled and coreless. It should be so that there’s not too much pumpkin or apple in it for the cake mixture but I always guess my amounts. Stir it all once again until thoroughly blended. Pop into a preheated oven on gas mark 200°c until golden brown, risen and a skewer stuck in the middle of it comes out clean (freeze any remaining pumpkin or use in another recipe). Delicious served on its own or with some custard or cream. I usually have mine on it’s own though

•Tomato and pumpkin soup•

A whole big pumpkin chopped and peeled (seeds removed). Again depending on how much pumpkin you want to use however I wouldn’t use less than half (obviously depending on the size of the pumpkin too as there are smaller ones)

1 or 2 onions peeled and chopped
2 tins of tomatoes and their juice
2 vegetable stock cubes
A pot of single or double cream
Salt, pepper and grinded black seeds

Fry the onions until slightly softened
Add the tomatoes in juice and pumpkin with some kettle water
Boil then simmer for 20 minutes (until the pumpkin is cooked). Liquidize the mixture (mind you don’t burn yourself). {If not thick enough for you; add some self-raising flour to a small bowl or a cup with a little water and stir it into a paste before adding it to the mixture giving it a stir, bring back to the heat keep stirring until boiling. It should have now thickened the mixture. Alternatively add some gravy granules to the mixture and give it a stir. This can act as an alternative thickener however would replace the stock cubes if used.}
Add the stock cube
and cream stirring the mixture before bringing it back to the boil. Finally, season with the grinded black seeds and pepper, and with the salt. Serve with some slices of bread, toast or even add croutons to the dish of soup. Also delicious served on its own.

•Cheese and potato pumpkin bake•
The same as the traditional cheese and potato bake (also known as cheese and potato pie) but with the addition of pumpkin added to it

Potatoes, onions and pumpkin (peeled, chopped (seeds removed) and boiled for 15 minutes or until almost soft). Drain the water (mind you don’t burn yourself), mash all up until completely mashed and combined, add the cheese to taste, salt, pepper and black seeds grinded then stir, (I usually use organic mature or extra mature cheddar cheese as I love cheese) and place into a ovenproof dish, top up with more cheese and put into a preheated oven on gas mark 200°c until the bake is golden brown on top and all mixture is now fully cooked. Serve with vegetables or salad, or even on its own

Pumpkin lasagna - I actually bought this in a cafe so am not sure of the recipe (sorry). Then there are also many more foods that can contain pumpkin. Alhamdulillah

I hope you enjoy them if you try them and that you start getting creative with pumpkin without any of it going to waste. Please share your recipes and let us know how it tastes.


Wa alaykum salam sister, great idea!
I don’t understand how do the pumpkins end up in landfill? Is it those that are being used as lanterns then you buy those afterwards?

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Assalamu alaikum

Jazakallah khayrun for your compliment

It’s the pumpkins used as a lantern that go to waste. After they have been used as a lantern they just end up in landfill going to waste. So buy purchasing pumpkins from the shop for recipes it would save other people from buying them to use as a lantern and therefore save them from landfill insha’Allah

Inshallah, many pumpkins will be saved. Ameen.


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Assalamu alaikum

I pray that this message reaches you in good health in shaa Allah

Unfortunately I didn’t get to save any pumpkins this year. It seems that the shops were selling out of them quickly either that or didn’t stock up on many of them.

Some of my family managed to save at least 4 of them though. Alhamdulillah