Scroll-Models - Abraham/Ibraheem (AS)

Dhul Hijjah Challenge - 1441

Abraham, known as Ibraheem (AS), a true leader of all nations and generations, as promised to him by Allah (SWT) for his exemplary unwavering faith in his Creator (SWT). A Friend of Allah and founding father to all Abrahamic faiths, his legacy of unity to humanity, is truly awespiring. He is a unique scroll-model, with a very unique background. Find out more of his ‘Qissa’ or biography and post findings here! …choose from:

● Childhood -
● Fatherhood –
● Encounter with Nimrod -
● Prophethood -
● Story of Udhiyya/sacrifice/offering -
● Kaabah -
● Unity = ahad - evident in du’as of Ibraheem.

Create a tree-model diagram of the names of 25 known Prophets and connect their direct relation to another, from Seal of The Prophets (SAW) to the First of Humanity (AS). Bonus points for timelines!

Should you (or your kids!) choose to accept the challenge, please upload your findings by 9th of Dhul Hijjah (Arafat), where possible.