Signs of The Hour

For anybody that would like to dicuss the minor signs and how close we are to the Hour.

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As salamu alaykum Jasmine, welcome to the forum!
I feel like the hour is very close but sahaba (ra) also felt like that in their times.

There has also been many signs that we’ve witnessed which was prophecised by the beloved rasulullah :pbuh:

What are the ones that you are referring to?

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Wailakum asalam! Thank you for the warm welcome.
To be honest I’ve been researching it a lot lately; I too feel like it’s very close even just by looking at the state if the world we are living in. However the ones I’ve given more attention to are:

-bare footed bedouins competing in tall buildings

  • spread of music, alcohol, zina and ribah (interest)
    -much killing and fitnah in every household (social media and the internet perhaps)

but some significant ones ive been looking into are:

  • river euphrates drying up and uncovering a mountain of gold (it is currently drying up very quickly and i read somewhere else it would occur after 12 years of syrian conflict? The current syrian conflict started in 2011 so some scholars think ramadan 2023 could be significant? But Allah knows best)
  • land of the arabs would become green and lush and flowing with rivers
  • shadow over makkah (clock tower)

and so forth.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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Salam and welcome! :slight_smile:

Indeed some of the signs you mentioned have happened already and are happening during our time. It’s also obvious that the world is in a mess in terms of the lack of justice and peace.

The media which is a tool of the rich is always portraying Muslims as evil and a threat to freedom (like anyone is free anyway!).

The reason I am mentioning this in this thread is because Islam provides an alternative to evil which is peace, tranquility and justice, Rasulullah :pbuh: showed us the full manifestation of this. And there are some signs prophesized such as return of Islam as a system to govern the world which will bring peace and justice (Imam Mahdi, Isa (as)).

But I think that Imam Mahdi and Isa (as) will not come and bail us out, I think we have a huge to role to play in this, by enjoining good and forbidding evil which is commanded to us by the Quran.

Wailakum asalam and thank you! :slight_smile:

I agree, in the West it’s shocking how little people know about Islam. It generally tends to be negative so people are only influenced by what they’re fed by the media.

I’ve done a bit of research into the signs of the coming of Imam Mahdi, it seems there is a divide in the ummah about who he is, when he will come etc. However, it’s important we stay united and I think he’s coming relatively soon from observing the other minor signs occurring in our time - but Allah knows best.

You’re definitely correct though, we can make a difference by of course giving to charity and helping pur brothers and sisters in these trying times. I think the biggest problem perhaps the Imam Mahdi will resolve is the current division and fragility of the ummah. Inshallah it will be restored to a united nation as it once was.

Would love to hear more thoughts on any other signs people have noticed or are keeping tabs on?

Assalaamu Alaykum Jasmine.

Welcome. :slightly_smiling_face: