So and so is most like so and so

I love the Hadith/Verse where Rasulallah says “I am most like Abraham and Isa is most like Adam”. I can’t find it right now but I believe every human resembles someone in Scripture and we should read Scripture enough to know each Messenger and Prophet and discover who we are most like.

I am most like Jonah!

Who are you most like?!

I can find the Quran Verse but I can’t find the Hadith where Rasulallah also points at someone and says “and he is like so and so”. I know I read it. I remember!! lol

Now I gotta hunt it down.

Ah!!! Here it is!!

When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gets to the 7th heaven, the gate opens and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “I see my grandfather Ibrahim (AS) with his back to Al Baitul Ma’mur, the Kabah of the heavens. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “I have never seen anyone who looks most like me.” When he described Prophet Ibrahim (AS).