Some supplication ideas based on Surah Al Kahf

Ya Allah, Al Hameed, You alone are the All-Praiseworthy, make us worship You alone and protect us from shirk and from deviating from the straight path in our actions and speech. Ameen.

Ya Allah, guide us on the straight path, protect us from that which You warn us against and grant us that which You give good tidings of. Make us among those who believe and do righteous deeds that You accept from us, Most Merciful and Most Compassionate. Ameen.

Protector, protect us from talking about a thing we have no knowledge of, from following after those who lack knowledge who just follow their own path, from disbelief and from being among the liars and having grave speech. Protect us from grief and sorrow, and from killing oneself or one another. Ameen.

You, Allah, created everything and placed that upon the earth as an adornment for it; to test as to who strives in Your favor and who is overindulged by that upon the earth, who strives for the akhirah and who prefers the life of the dunya, who remembers You and whose heart You cause to forget about You. So, Allah make us amongst those who remember You in supplications both morning and evening from amongst the believers and do not allow our eyes to pass beyond that, following our own lusts. Ameen.

Ya Allah, Most Merciful and Most Compassionate; grant us from Yourself mercy and prepare for us from our affair right guidance as with the people of the cave when they separated themselves from those that worship other than You (ie actions of disbelief) and their idols. Increase us in guidance as You did with the people of the cave; making our heart firm in belief as we call upon You, Lord of the heavens and earth, invoking You alone, protect us from an excessive transgression, never lead us astray into disbelief after the truth has came to us and take our soul only when we are amongst the successful. Ameen.