State of Muslims in your country

Assalamalaikum friends,
Since this is a UK oriented page, I want to know the conditions of Muslims there, as there are 103,663 cases so far in UK. In India particularly Muslims are targeted by Indian media and daily a debate is carried out. The News anchor says that in India 15000 cases has arised and Muslims are in this much percent.“Tabligi Jamat” in our country is targeted. They have been termed as anti Indian, abusers and a disgrace to our society. Due to this hatred, some peoples have gone rogue and they are not allowing any Muslims to enter in their areas.
insha’Allah everything will become normal during Ramadan.Ameen!

Wa alaykum Salam, there’s subtle prejudice over here in the media enough for it to be noticed. But nothing like India.
I’ve seen that some hospitals in India are denying Muslims inside is that the case? What else is happening? May Allah make it easy for all the Muslims.

Yes our Indian medical association (IMA) has promised to look into the matter.
Hope they will start Muslim patients too.