Supplications I have made for Laylatul Qadr

O’ Al Haadi [He who guides] guide me on the straight path, the path You have favoured, upon whom Your indignation has not befallen and who have not gone astray

O’ Al Haadi [He who guides], guide us as an ummah and guide me and my family closer towards You, to make us amongst those who are conscious of You and amongst those who have no doubt in Your words, those that believe in the unseen aspects of the heavens and the earth, establish prayer, O’ Al Hameed [The All Praiseworthy] and spend out of what You, O’ Ar Raz-zaaq [The Ever Providing], have provided for them and amongst those who believe in what was revealed to Muhammad, S.a.W, and what was revealed before him, S.a.W, and of the Hereafter certain in faith.

I just thought of these as I am going through The Qur’an, I haven’t finished yet, inshallah.

Also, does all know whether the names of Allah I posted are correct please as I got them from off the internet?