The Day of Arafah

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters

Alhamdulillah it’s the Day of Arafah today and Eid Al Adha tomorrow, in shaa Allah

Firstly a reminder to myself then to everyone else too.

Remember to say much supplications today in shaa Allah.

Here’s some supplications to say:
Glory be to Allah

All praises be to Allah

Allahu Akbar
Allah is the Greatest

La illaha illAllāhu wa dāhu la shareeka lāhu wa huwa ala kulli shay’in qadīr
There is none worthy of worship but Allah alone and He is Able to do all things

La illaha illAllāh
There is no God but Allah alone

Astaghfirullah wa atubuh ilaih
I seek the forgiveness of Allah and repent to Him

May Allah accept our efforts from us and multiply our good deeds during these blessed days, and protect us from Jahannam, while admitting us into Jannatul Firdous. Ameen