The Dusky Dawn of an Epoch 2 - (Bliss of pain)


EM - Evil Master (now conversing with signs)

HERALD - Messenger

RMD - Ramadhan

MFT - Minister for Thuggery

MFVT - Minister for Vain Talks

BD - BabyDevil

IMAM - Leader of the believers

CONG. - Congregation of worshipping Muslims

Narrator: In the land of meat and the time of seasoning. The destiny of a great Ummah rests on the shoulder of an old man. His name?? RAMADHA-A-A-N!


(The moon gives a one-eyed look on earth. Men throng in palpable mirth as the breeze hums lines of peace, Tranquility, Sere..)

IMAM:Allahu Akbar!🗣.... Alhamdulillah rabbil 'alamin. Ar-Rahman-ir-Raheem. Maliki yawmi-d-deen. Iyyaka n'abudu wa Iyyaka nasta'in. I'hdina-s-siratalmustaqim. Siratal-l-ladheena an'amta 'alayhim. Ghayrilmaghdubi 'alayhim wa la-d-daaaleen.


Lights flicker

(On another plane)

RMD: (Mockingly) Ahem! Edentulous niggur! 🤪

EM:(Jerks) Worst nightmare! Are you back?? Done till next year??🧐

RMD: Calm your horses! I've spent just 16 days..🤫 Meanwhile, why are you looking like a fried dummy? You've been fasting too??😄

EM: My fasts are devoid of sahur wa iftar. Since, I feed on people's harmatia and there has been hardly any since your descent.😏(Eyes him😒)

RMD: Awn.. awwn..🤭. You really look lean. It is iftar on earth, prolly, you should join us. Common, you look underfed! Take a look at men..👀

EM: Of what use?? Their fasts shield them from sins..🤥

RMD: (Marvelled) How did you know?😱

MFVT: Men won't let us hear word! The earth is soaked in lectures.. I am done for (sobs)😭

RMD: Hahahahaha...😂 so, you fast as well as listen to lectures, courtesy of me. Isn't that bliss??🤔

MFT: (Gives him a scornful look) It is a bliss of pai..

(A cry rises in a fearsome crescendo. All attempts to skedaddle save Ramadhan who watches in amusement)

EM: Who would kill me with fear despite my infirmity😫. Have I not suffered enough??😩

HERALD: (Gasping) BabyDevil! Are you mad!? 🤬

BD: No😏, I'm BabyDevil. So, when is the party??😋

MFL: (Faces EM) Which party??🤨

BD: EM has been with that spike chain since we got here. He must have a party at hand..🤷🏿‍♂

RMD: Oh my illahi!🤣 Indeed.. A party in hell... Au revoir👋🏿

(On earth)

IMAM: As-salaamu 'alaykum wa rahmotullahi As-salaamu 'alaykum wa rahmotullahi

        LIGHTS OFF...


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MashaAllah nice one brother! :grin:
Innovative and witty with the right touch of humour! An amusing skit based on the hadith of devil’s chained and helpless in Ramadan!:+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:

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AlhamduliLlah! I’m glad you got the message💪