The Dusky Dawn of an Epoch


EM - Evil Master

HERALD - Messenger

MFT - Minister for Thuggery

MFA - Minister for Avarice

MFE - Minister for Envy

MFI - Minister for Intoxicants

MFVT - Minister for Vain Talks

BD - BabyDevil

MFL - Minister for Laziness

       SCENE 1

(The sun waltzes its course_ a journey back to its inn. The wrongs of men sit on the wings of the evening breeze_ a purgation… It is dusk! One of REBIRTH!!)

EM: Sound the alarm!😫 Call for a rendezvous of exigency!! Friends far and close!!!

HERALD: (blares horn) V-um-um-um-um-um.. 📯

(The scene gets filled with sinful jins)

MFT: Why the sudden call, master? I was in the heat of a troll.😟

MFA: Stakes are up Evil master.. I need to finish the job.. 😕

        (Murmur exudes)

EM: Zip your lips!😡 (The hungry throat of silence swallows the shattering murmur). Are you not observant?? Have you no nose or bereft of sight??🤬

MFE: I perceive, O master! I smell two men who love each other for the sake of Allah (S. W. T.).. Permit me master, to make one envious of the other and create enmity (snickers).🤨

EM: Nonsense!😏 Check the mosques.. What do you see???☹

MFI: (Eyes widen)😱 legion mats! Streets filled with ablution kettles!! (sobs) Taverns prepare to close!!! I'm doomed..

MFVT: Is today the 1st of April?? Are men pranking us???🧐

EM: (Gives him a scornful look)

MFVT: Apologies master.. But the streets are filled with admonitions🗣(الغتاب) in place of 🎶🎶.

EM: (Somberly)😞 I'm afraid it is few seconds to that time of the ye...🤮

(Hit by a boomerang! His teeth fall like leaves fall when flogged by the wind)

BD: What time?!😨


(The firmament shines its 🌙 teeth on 🌍. Slaves agog.. Mosque aloft.. Edentulous EM languishes in shackles.. His comrades dare not show their teeth)

        LIGHTS OFF...

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Masha Allah very creative! Is this a play you’ve written? How did you come up with it?

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It was a short drama I wrote last Ramadan. It is quite nostalgic to read it now and see our mosques closed due to this pandemic. May Allah cleanse our land and forgive us. I hope to write the concluding scene before the Holy month ends (inshaa Allah).

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It’s very good and creative, look forward to your final part!