The Gift of Love of Solitude

I don’t remember which Hadith but I remember reading “The first gift Rasulallah was given was the love of solitude”.

My whole life, from birth, was one of spiritual and scriptural ignorance. Because of that, without even noticing it, everyone I knew was also of spiritual and scriptural ignorance.

When I was about 45, I began to read and know scripture and understood myself much more. As I began explaining this to the people in my life, they all turned away as if I was saying nothing and when I didn’t STOP speaking about scripture, they each left, one by one.

Now I’m 52 years old and I know NO ONE and there are no people in my life except my son, Khalil. He, too, knows no one because he, too, had filled his life with ignorance and as he also came to know Allah, everyone in his life walked out.

There were no arguments and no fights. We never pushed anyone away. They simply didn’t want to hear anything about Allah in any form whatsoever.

So here we are in happy servitude to God but I will say, it’s very isolating. Neither of us can get anyone to engage with us in any way. Not on the internet, not in person. Nothing.

Everyone just says “HI HOW ARE YOU?!” and nothing else.

I’m not complaining. We aren’t sad about it. But it’s clearly a miracle at work and thought it might fit here on this message board. Allah has singled us out of this society.

But this message board is also very quiet and I equally cannot find anyone to engage with. We attended mosque for a long time, too and no one there would engage with us. We’re two white men and the masjid was filled with Middle eastern men, all with accents. Scripture doesn’t bridge those gaps.

We have no family and no friends and no one who speaks with us except to say endlessly “HI HOW ARE YA?!”