The month of Muharram and its significance

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters

I pray that all are well in shaa Allah

Another opportunity of righteous deeds and forgiveness of sins has came upon us all due to the rahma of Allah and His willingness to forgive us of our sins and bring us into His mercy, in shaa Allah. Alhamdulillah

The month of Muharram is one of the four significant months which Allah talks about in The Qu’ran:

Indeed, the number of months with Allah is twelve [lunar] months in the register of Allah [from] the day He created the heavens and the earth; of these, four are sacred. That is the correct religion [i.e., way], so do not wrong yourselves during them… Qu’ran 9:36

So from this “so do not wrong yourselves during them” is referring to all months but four of the months are made more significant to the rest of the months Allah created, and thus sin committed during these four months (incl Muharram) is more serious and good deeds done during these months are more rewarding

During this month it is recommended to do fasts and very rewarding:
The best of fasting after Ramadan is fasting Allah’s month of Muharram (Muslim)

It being referred to as “Allah’s month” shows the significance of this month. This hadeeth is encouraging the increasing of one’s fast during this month rather than implying to fast the whole of this month as the Prophet (s.a.w) never fasted any whole month apart from Ramadan

The Prophet (s.a.w) used to fast more in Sha’baan. It is likely that the virtue of Muharram was not revealed to him until the end of his life. (An-Nawawi and Muslim)

The tenth day of Muharram (also known as the day of Ashura) has a special importance as Ibn Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: "The Prophet (s.a.w), came to Madeenah and saw the Jews fasting on the Day of ‘Aashooraa’. He (s.a.w) said “What is this? They said, ‘This is a righteous day, it is the day when Allah saved the children of Israel from their enemies, so Moosa fast-ed on this day.’ He (s.a.w) said, “We have more right to Moosa than you,” So he (s.a.w) fasted on that day and commanded (the Muslims) to fast on that day.” (Al- Bukhari)

Ibn Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him) said, “I never saw the Messenger of Allah so keen to fast any day and give it priority over any other time than the Day of ‘Aashooraa’ and the month of Ramadan” (Al-Bukhari)

The Prophet (s.a.w) said, “For fasting the day of ‘Aashooraa’, I hope that Allah will accept it as expiation for the past year.” (Muslim)

For Muslims it is recommended to fast the ninth of Muharram as well as the tenth of Muharram so that we’re differing our fast on this day to the fast of the Jews on this same day.

Abdullaah Ibn Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him) said, "when the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) fasted on ‘Aashooraa’ and commanded the Muslims to fast as well, they said, “O Messenger of Allah, it is a day that is venerated by the Jews and Christians.”

The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) said: “if I live to see the next year: ‘inshaAllah’, we will fast on the ninth day too.’ But it so happened that the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) passed away before the next year came.” (Muslim)

Fasting on the day of Ashura expiates all minor sins committed within the past year, in shaa Allah.

Imaam an-Nawawi (may Allah be pleased with him) said that it expiates all minor sins and that 'Fasting the day of 'Arafah expiates sins for two years, and the day of ‘Aashooraa’ expiates for one year… If there are minor sins for which expiation is desired, expiation for them will be accepted; if there are no minor sins or major sins, good deeds will be added to the servant’s account and he will be raised in status… If he had committed major sins but no minor sins, we hope that his major sins will be reduced."

May Allah accept this blessed month from us, along with all months He has blessed, may He guide us on the straight path and never lead us astray after having guided us. May He Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem Al-Ghaffar Al-Ghafoor Afuww bestow upon us of His rahma and forgive us of our every sin, major and minor, and may He, Al-Fattah, wake us up for Fajr and every obligatory prayer and action. Ameen :palms_up_together:t3::palms_up_together:t3:

Ya Allah, bestow upon us of Your rahma for You are the Ar Rahman Ar Raheem and on the Day all of humanity stand before You bare, protect us from shame and humiliation and make all of our deeds only be good and to be used for us and never to be used against us :palms_up_together:t3::palms_up_together:t3:

You are the best of planners so give us that which is best in both worlds and protect us from Jahannam and grant us the highest of Paradise (Jannatul Firdous) reunited with our loved ones and all of Your prophets and messengers (a.s) :palms_up_together:t3::palms_up_together:t3:

Ya Allah, make us generous with that You have provided us with to help those less fortunate than us and take away the pain and suffering of all those being oppressed, killed, trapped in a cycle of war/conflict, famine, poverty and drought. Ar Rahman Raheem. Forgive them of their sins and us of our sins :palms_up_together:t3::palms_up_together:t3:

And protect us from that same oppression, conflict/war, famine, poverty and drought we see our brothers and sisters suffering from all over the globe, Ar Rahman Raheem and make us of those 70,000 that will enter Jannah without reckoning and never in darkness :palms_up_together:t3::palms_up_together:t3:

Make the trial of the grave easy for all of your ummah and the questions easy for us to answer :palms_up_together:t3::palms_up_together:t3:

Have a blessed day