The names of Allah

The names of Allah are many.

Out of them, if we remember 99 of the most beautiful names of Allah and apply their meanings to our lives, we shall enter Paradise, inshallah. (Quotes below marked by a ‘*’).

These videos might help, inshallah:

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There are more videos in this series but too many to post on here.

[Al-Bukhari] “Allah has ninety-nine names, one hundred less one; whoever learns them will enter Paradise*.”

The Names of Allah mentioned in the Qur’aan and Sunnah number over 100, as several scholars have agreed (see Al-Qawaa’id al-Muthlaa fi Sifaat Allahi wa Asmaa’ihi by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih ibn ‘Uthaymeen)*.

Among these are 99 names which, if one learns and acts in accordance with them, will bring a great reward, as is indicated in the hadeeth narrated by Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him), in which the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Allah has ninety-nine names, one hundred less one; whoever learns them will enter Paradise.” (Reported by al-Bukhari, al-Fath, no. 2736)*

The learning referred to in the hadith includes the following:

Memorizing them.

Understanding their meanings.

Acting upon them

So if a person learns that Allah is al-Ahad (the One and Only), he will not associate anything else with Him; if he learns that He is al-Razzaaq (the Provider), he will not seek provision from anyone else; if he learns that He is al-Raheem (the Most Merciful), he will not despair of His Mercy, and so on.

Calling upon Allah by these Names

He says (interpretation of the meaning): “And (all) the Most Beautiful Names belong to Allah, so call on Him by them…” [al-A’raaf 7:180] – so one might say “Yaa Rahmaan arhamni (O Most Merciful, have mercy on me),” “Yaa Ghafoor ighfir li (O All-Forgiving, forgive me),” “Yaa Tawwaab, tubb ‘alayya (O Accepter of Repentance, turn towards me in forgiveness),” and so on (copied and pasted).

The Names Of Allah

The names of Allah should be applied to any dua’ that we make. Making sure that the dua’ relates to the specific meaning of that particular name, each name has more than one meaning to it (ie. Ash Shakur means The Most Grateful but it also means The Rewarder of Good Works according to the website - the link of which I have provided). The spellings also vary between different websites. The spellings I am using on here are from the website (link below) and some vary from the spellings shown on the website (link below). I have put some of the spellings off the wahiduddin website, in brackets for you beside the name in the list of Allah’s 99 names, so inshallah you’ll find them easier to find if using that website, the others have minor changes in spelling.

Inshallah, I will be able to complete at least 99 of Allah’s beautiful names on this post with a dua’ relating to each name.

These 99 names and their meanings can be found on:

and can also be found on the following website with a descriptive meaning of each beautiful name and its pronunciation:

Here’s a list of Allah’s 99 names
_______________________________Please listen to the above audio for their pronunciation.

  1. Ar-Rahman

  2. Ar-Raheem

  3. Al Malik

  4. Al Quddus

  5. As Salam

  6. Al Mu’min

  7. Al Muhaymin

  8. Al Aziz

  9. Al Jabbaar

  10. Al Mutakabbir

  11. Al Khaaliq

  12. Al Baari (Bāri)

  13. Al Musawwir

  14. Al Ghaffaar

  15. Al Qahhaar

  16. Al Wahhaab

  17. Ar Razzaaq

  18. Al Fattaah

  19. Al Alim

  20. Al Qaabidh (Qābid)

  21. Al Baasit

  22. Al Khaafidh

  23. Ar Raafi’

  24. Al Mu’izz

  25. Al Muzil

  26. As Sami’

  27. Al Basir

  28. Al Hakam

  29. Al 'Adl

  30. Al Latif

  31. Al Khabir

  32. Al Halim

  33. Al 'Adheem ('Azīm)

  34. Al Ghafur

  35. Ash Shakur

  36. Al Ali ('Alī)

  37. Al Kabir (Kabīr)

  38. Al Hafidh (Hafīz)

  39. Al Muqit

  40. Al Hasib

  41. Al Jalil

  42. Al Karim

  43. Ar Raqib

  44. Al Mujib

  45. Al Wasi’

  46. Al Hakim

  47. Al Wadud

  48. Al Majid

  49. Al Ba’ith

  50. Ash Shaheed

  51. Al Haqq

  52. Al Wakil

  53. Al Qawiyy (Qawī)

  54. Al Mateen (Matīn)

  55. Al Wali (Walī)

  56. Al Hamidu (Hamīd)

  57. Al Muhsi

  58. Al Mubdi

  59. Al Mu’id

  60. Al Muhyi

  61. Al Mumit

  62. Al Hayy

  63. Al Qayyum

  64. Al Waajid

  65. Al Maajid

  66. Al Waahid

  67. Al Ahad

  68. As Samad

  69. Al Qaadir

  70. Al Muqtadir

  71. Al Muqqadim

  72. Mu’akhkhir

  73. Al Awwal

  74. Al Aakhir

  75. Az Dhaahir (Az-Zāhir)

  76. Al Baatin

  77. Al Waali (Wālī)

  78. Al Muta’ali

  79. Al Barr

  80. At Tawwaab

  81. Al Muntaqim

  82. Al 'Afuww

  83. Ar Ra’uf

  84. Malik Al Mulk

  85. Dhual Jalal wa Al Ikram

  86. Al Muqsit

  87. Al Jaami’

  88. Al Ghani

  89. Al Mughni

  90. Al Mani’

  91. Ad Dharr

  92. An Nafi’

  93. An Nur

  94. Al Hadi

  95. Al Badi’i (Badī’)

  96. Al Baaqi

  97. Al Waarith

  98. Ar Rashid

  99. Al Saboor

The names in brackets are the spellings found on the wahiduddin’ website.

Now, on to some duas’ linked to each name’s meaning, please reply with any more duas’ you can think of. Jazakallahu khayrun.

O Allah, You are the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful (Ar Rahman, Ar Raheem), so grant us Your compassion and mercy; as without Your mercy we are among those that are lost in the life of this world and the next.

O Allah, You are The Ruler (al-Malik), and The Most Pure (al-Quddus), so protect us from arrogance and purify us, for power and purity belong to You alone

O Allah, You are The Source of Peace (as-Salam) and The Source of Faith (al-Mu’min), so increase our imaan to make us a better Muslim, make us of those who spread peace through our words and actions, and make our heart of those that love peace towards all of Your creations

O Allah, The Source of Peace (as-Salam), make us of those who receive Your beautiful salam in the dunya and akhirah

O Allah, as-Salam, make our heart feel peace and take away any sadness we feel within them

O Allah, You are The Protector (al-Muhaymin), so protect us from Your punishment wherever we may be in the dunya and in the akhirah, and whatever we may be doing

O Allah, al-Muhaymin, protect us from poverty and ill health, and from hypocrisy, shirk and all other evil actions

O Allah, protect all of Your ummah from every evil action, from a hardened heart, and from evil afflicting us, or our family and friends, for You are the al-Muhaymin (The Protector)

O Allah, make us amongst those that achieve victory in the dunya and the akhirah, do not cause us to be among those that show off our bodies but rather among those that have a respect for our dignity, and restore for us any ailments and our dead heart (ie a heart that forgets about Allah) for You are The Strong, Dignified and Powerful, and The Restorer (al-Aziz and al-Jabbaar)

O Allah, with Your greatness make us amongst the successful, make us use the abilities You have provided for us; in ways that will bring us closer to You, make us amongst those that use our abilities that You have provided for us in a successful manner, for You are The Supremely Great (al-Mutakabbir)

O Allah, when we plan or make something; make us among those that plan accurately, for You are The Planner, The Creator (Al Khaaliq) and The Maker (Al Baari) and Your plan is the perfect plan

O Allah, fashion me perfectly and forgive me, for You are The Fashioner and are best at fashioning, and You are The All Forgiving (Al Musawwir and Al Ghaffaar) and You love forgiveness

O Allah, protect us from dominance and make us of those that overcome all difficulties with patience, for You are The Ever-Dominating and The One who overcomes all obstacles, for You are the most powerful of all (Al Qahhaar), The Most Patient (al-Saboor) and The Most High (Al 'Alī) and Allah, clothe us with gifts and make us of those that clothe others with the gifts You have provided for us as You are The Giver of Gifts (Al Wahhaab)

O Allah, You are The Bestower of Sustenance, (Ar-Razzaaq), so bestow upon us that which we use wisely and in means that will please You

O Allah, You are The Opener, (Al Fattaah), so open for us new ways, ways that please You and will bring us closer to Paradise

O Allah, provide us with knowledge of benefit that we use to get us closer to Paradise for You are The All-Knowing (Al Alim) and Allah withhold from us knowledge that will not benefit us for You are The Withholder (Al Qaabidh)

O Allah, grant us that which is good and brings us closer to You and withhold from us that which is bad and prevents us from the straight path, for You are Al Alim (The All Knowing) and Al Qaabidh (The Withholder).

O Allah, expand for us our righteous deeds and make it light (ie. easy) for us, for You are The Expander (Al Baasit) and The Light (an-Nur).

O Allah, expand for us our graves, and the graves of the dead among the ummah, and make them full of light, for You are The Expander (Al Baasit) and The Light (an-Nur)

Oh Allah, soften our hearts and humble us, do not allow us to be amongst the arrogant, but make us amongst those who are humbled (ie. made gentle) to others around us. Do not allow us to think that we are better than anyone else. For You are The Humbler; The One who Softens (Al Khaafidh)

Oh Allah, make us amongst those whom You exalt our mention; amongst those You love, so all in the heavens and on earth also love us and so we are honoured (ie respected) by Your creations. For You are The Exalter (Ar Raafi’) and The Honorer (al Mu’izz).

{The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “If Allah loves a slave of His He calls Jibril and says: ‘I love so-and-so; so love him.’ So Jibril loves him and he announces to those in the heavens (angels), saying: ‘Allah loves so-and-so so love him.’ So those in the heavens love him. Then he is granted the acceptance of those on the earth” Narrated by Muslim}

Oh Allah, protect us from disgrace in the dunya, akhirah, in the grave, on The Day of Reckoning and protect us from Jahannam for You are The Disgracer (Al Muzil) and Allah, only allow us to utter truth and stay away from bad speech for You are The Ever-Listening (As Sami’) and The All-Hearing

Oh Allah, make us aware of our actions before doing them, and only allow us to do righteous deeds, for You are The All-Seeing Watcher aware of everything and The Testifier (Al-Basir Ar Raqīb ash-Shahīd)

Oh Allah, make us amongst those who are a just judge, never allow us to judge blindly of others, as You love justice, and You are The Giver of Justice, and The Judge (Al Hakam)

Oh Allah, make us of those who are just and kind in all of our dealings, make our paths straight and turn us away from that which is harmful Ar-Rashid (The Director to the Right Way), for You are The Just (Al 'Adl) and The Most Subtle (Al Latif)

Oh Allah, make us aware of our inner selves and correct our intentions, for You are The Inner-Knowing (Al Khabir) and the All-Knowing (Al Alim)

Oh Allah, Al Alim, make us always aware of You and increase our knowledge to get closer to You. Never let us forget about You and never let our hearts ponder away from Your remembrance, Al Khabir

Oh Allah, make me amongst those of Your servants who prevent arguments between people and who act kindly and gently in every situation, for You are The Most Kind and Gentle (Al Halim) and The Most Kind (Ar Ra’uf) and make me amongst the righteous for You are The Righteous (Al Barr) and make me remain calm in every situation where I should remain calm, for You are The Calm Abiding (Al Halim)

Oh Allah, perfect my intentions, my heart, actions and speech, to please You alone and to bring people closer to You, for You are The Supreme Glory (Al-'Adheem) the One who is of perfect and absolute greatness

Oh Allah, forgive us of our sins and faults, and reward us for our righteous deeds, for You are The Forgiver of Sins and Faults (Al Ghafur), The Oft Forgiving (At-Tawwāb), The Rewarder of Good Works (Ash Shakur) and The Pardoner (Al 'Afuww)

Oh Allah, make us amongst those who have strength to do what is just and who have strength to overcome any trials with patience and, Allah, make us praise Your greatness alone, for You are The Most Great (Kabīr).

Oh Allah, You are The Protector (Hafīz) so protect me from everything that is harmful in this world and the next, and in the grave. Oh Allah, Hafīz, make me turn to You alone for protection as You are the best at protecting and make me stay away from that which could harm myself and others

Oh Allah, You alone are The Sustainer (Muqīt) and You alone are The Reckoner and The Sufficient (Hasīb) so let me turn to You alone to feed me, provide for me and to preserve me, and only for You alone to see (ie be conscience of Allah).

Oh Allah, make me of those that rely on You alone for You are The Independent (Jalīl)

Oh Allah, make me of those who are generous and not of those who are stingy as You are The Generous (al-Mājid) and The Most Generous (Al Karīm)

Oh Allah, You are The All-Sufficient Fullfiller of Prayers (Wāsi’ Mujīb), so make me rely on You alone to suffice me, and You alone can answer prayers, so to You alone belongs all praise, The Praiseworthy (Hamīd)

Oh Allah, make me and my household amongst those that use their wisdom You have provided us with, to draw closer to You and to spread affection towards Your creations in the hope that they also draw closer to You, for You are Hakīm Wadūd The Most Wise and The Most Affectionate

Oh Allah, The All Glorious Resurrector (Majīd Bā’ith), resurrect us on The Day of Reckoning amongst those of Jannatul Firdous, looking forward to glorifying You.

Oh Allah, The Truly Existing Disposer of Affairs, Al Haqq Al Wakīl, make us do as best as we can, then to rely upon You alone to dispose of our affairs in the correct manner

Oh Allah, You are The Firm and Supremely Strong (Matīn Qawī) so make us amongst those who overcome the trials You have put before us, with patience and determination

Oh Allah, make us amongst those that protect -and watch out for- all of Your creation with compassion for You are The Protecting Friend (Walī) and The Protective Ruler (Al Wālī)

Oh Allah, You are The Originator (Mubdi) and The Wonderful Originator (Al-Badī’). You created everything from nothing. Everything belongs to You. And You are The reckoner (Al Muhsi). May us worship You alone, and may we be given our book of deeds in our right hand on the Day of Reckoning

Oh Allah, You are able to restore and give life, so cleanse us of our sins and make us like new (ie a newborn baby) free of sins, for You are the Al Mu’īd (The Restorer) and the Al Muh’yi (The Giver of Life)

Oh Allah, protect us from a bad death. May our soul look forward to meeting You and protect us from sinful actions, make us die whilst doing good, Al Mumīt (The Creator of Death)

May I be amongst the 70,000 people accepted in to Jannah without reckoning, to be with You in Jannatul Firdous, O Allah, for You are Al Hayy (The Ever-Living), the As-Samad (The Everlasting) and Al Bāqī (The Eternal)

O Allah, in Your power is all things, for You are The Self-Subsisting (Al Qayyum), You are the provider of everything so provide us with wealth to use in ways that please You and protect us from poverty for You are The Wealthy (Al Waajid) and al-Waarith (The Inheritor).

Oh Allah, make Your ummah unite as one, and make our families unite as one, as You are The One, The Manifestation of Unity (Al Waahid) and The Unity (Al Ahad)

Oh Allah, You are The All Capable (Al Qaadir), The All-Determining (Al Muqtadir) and The Most High (Al Muta’āli); You are able to do all things and You are the planner of all things, so I ask for You to plan for me that which will save me from the Fire. And grant me Jannatul Firdous

Oh Allah, make me amongst those who promote that which is good and to delay that which is bad, for You are the Al Muqaddim (The Promoter) and the Al Mu’akhkhir (The Delayer)

Oh Allah, You Allah are the Al Awwal (The First One) and the Al Aakhir (The Last), so make me be amongst the first one to do righteousness and the last one to do what is forbidden. Oh Allah, make me be the first one to receive Your light on The Day of Reckoning, as You are (An Nur) The Light, and make me be the last one to receive Your darkness. Oh Allah, make me be the first one to enter Jannah and protect me from Jahannam, for You are Al Māni’ (The Protector), Ad Dharr (The Punisher) and Al Muntaqqim (The Avenger)

Oh Allah, You are invisible in state but are evident through Your signs, You are (Az Zāhir) The Evident and (Al Baatin) The Secret One. Likewise, You know all that is evident and all that is secret which ever exists, for You are The Owner of all Sovereignty (Malik Al Mulk), so Allah, The Guide (Al Hādī), guide us to that which is good, The Creator of Good (An Nafi’)

Oh Allah, Dhū-l-Jalāli Wa-l-Ikrām (Lord of Majesty and Generosity), make us of those that take care of Your creation and watch over them whenever we are able, and to be of those amongst the generous people

Oh Allah, Muqsit Jaami (The Just Uniter) make me be united with those that are just

Oh Allah, You are Ghani Mughni (The Self Sufficient Fulfiller Of Needs), so Allah, fulfill our every need for us

May Allah accept this from us and reward us. Ameen.



Thank you @Eemaan… May Allah reward you with your best wishes, Amiin.
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May Allah reward all of His ummah, dead and alive, and grant us a place in Paradise. Ameen